Private Programs

Private Programs are a great option for those that have a dog with severe aggression or anxiety issues that can’t attend a Group class, or just prefer one on one time. When signing up for a Private Package, the personal class times that you have chosen are reserved and scheduled consecutively. You will meet with me at my facility once a week (for up to an hour) and have daily homework/exercises that you’re working on at home to prep your dog for the next week’s lesson.

*** Please contact me for availability to ensure that I have a date and time that works with your schedule prior to registering***

Prepayment is required to hold your spot. Payments can be made using any Credit/Debit card by clicking on the “Pay Now” link after submitting the registration form.


Puppy Package (2 In Person classes plus Puppy Preschool Videos/ $250)

Age: 4 Months & Under


  • Collar and leash of your choice
  • Tiny treats or pieces of dog food

This private program consists of 2 in person classes scheduled a week apart to cover some of the tougher issues including potty and crate training protocols as well as problematic behaviors like biting, jumping, barking, shyness, anxiety and fear. Although it’s not always fun… teaching a young puppy “no” is important.  Some puppies don’t respond well to traditional redirection or ignoring methods. I will go over a variety of techniques to find the best fit for you and your puppy. In addition you will receive the 4 week video version of Puppy Preschool covering simpler things including the foundational work for basic commands come, sit and down, exposure exercises for confidence building and a few fun tricks.


Basic Obedience Package (5 weeks/ $595)

Age: 4 months and up

Equipment Needed:

  • 6 foot leash
  • 15 foot leash
  • slip/choke or pinch collar

We will address inappropriate barking, jumping and other manner issues as well as behavioral issues pertaining to your dog.  Shyness, fear, anxiety, and aggression will be explained and you will be given direction on how to work towards a healthier state of mind.  We will be covering the basic commands, sit, down, stay, come, and walking nicely on leash.  Reliability in distracting situations is the main focus. At your final class you will receive a written 30 day plan to ensure you’re able to transition everything you have learned into the real world and into your home environment.

***In the event that you are unable to attend your reserved class time, you will receive a Video covering the content of the class that you missed. The video will include verbal instruction as well as visual demonstrations in addition to your written homework sheet.*** 

Sonya, I have trained other dogs, always rough and military style. It was refreshing to teach with a soft voice and kindness, but still be able to get a point across to Sam (8 month old Springer Spaniel) I was impressed with the homework sheets. You have a high level of knowledge to share.

– Laura Dial